Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inside the Mind of Joran van der Sloot

Inside the Mind of Joran van der Sloot


Joran van der Sloot
By Bruce Gain
The Joran van der Sloot affair may prove one of the most sensationalistic crime stories of the 21st century. However, despite the media circus surrounding him, not much has been revealed about van der Sloot's personality or what motivates him to do what he does.

Those who have met van der Sloot on a casual basis at the tennis clubs or casinos that he frequented usually describe him as very calm and surprisingly normal, like a big 6-foot 4-inch college kid with a fondness for marijuana and high-stakes poker. "He just spoke calmly and seemed normal," an Aruban who met van der Sloot at a casino one night shortly before Natalee Holloway's disappearance told truTV. "He wasn't scary."

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