Thursday, December 12, 2013

Raph Really Did It

Raph Marchant, a young man from St. Malo, France, has just crossed the Atlantic from France on an insanely small 21-foot (6.50-meter) boat during the Mini Transat race. He is a very good guy and I am extremely happy for him and his family. He has set an example for others of what is possible in life.
It is impossible to describe here what he had to face, but he managed to surmount severe sleep deprivation, spending weeks alone in the middle of the Atlantic, not speaking with a single human soul for two weeks, getting knocked down in seas as big as a house, and navigating into gale force winds and cresting waves.

Image living for weeks in the Spartan confines of a prison cell while often being shaken and beaten as if you were on a non-stop wet-and-wild roller coaster ride. Get the picture?
Here is a video link that show what it can be like:

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